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Common questions that are asked of us:

Q.-Do you sell lots only?

A.- No.  All homes are built by us in order to maintain uniform quality throughout our developments. Our quoted prices include  lot and home in a turn-key package price. All homes currently existing in our developments are Schreur built homes.

Q.- If we decide to build a home, how much do you charge per square foot?

A.- Square footage is only one of several factors determining a new home package price, and should never  be solely  relied upon by a perspective buyer in determining who they should hire to build their new home. Other critical cost factors to consider:

1)  Property  (building site) value.

2)  Property improvements - well, septic system, landscaping, sidewalks, driveways and available utilities.

3) Association dues and other special assessments.

4)  Content, quality of content, and special features in the home.

Q.- We have our own lot and house plan. Can you give us a quote for a custom home job?

A.- Yes, we work with customers regardless of what stage or circumstances that they are in.


Q.- As long as my new home is built to code, does it really make that big of difference who builds it?

A.- Unfortunately for for both home-buyers and quality home builders, today's building codes are for the most part blind to things like sloppy or skimpy  workmanship and only marginal in certain material requirements.  A quality home builder will recognize these deficiencies (in materials or workmanship) and make the proper adjustments regardless of what he thinks he can get by with.  Just a few examples of this would be things like doors and walls out of plumb, utilizing bowed, twisted or scabby lumber, squeaky floors or stairways due to poor fastening or lack of adhesive, lower-end concrete or concrete not poured in sufficient thickness, poured on poorly compacted soil leading to cracked and settled floors,  use of walls 2x4 -24" on center,  use of 7/16" OSB for roof sheeting, improper house elevations.  The list could go on and on.  Many of these deficiencies may not become apparent to a home buyer before, during, or even immediately after construction.

Questions that new home buyers should be asking themselves:

  1. What is the builder's reputation?
  2. How many verifiable references does he have (Are past customers satisfied)?
  3. How long has the builder been in business?
  4. Will the builder be there to give you the service you need, if and when you need it?
  5. The builder's product.
  6. What is the quality of the materials used?
  7. Are certain materials being used in sufficient quantity? (Is the builder skimping in areas he shouldn't just to help his bottom line?)
  8. The builder's workmanship.
  9. Will the builder and his subcontractors install their materials and products neatly, precisely, and in a way that it will function 100% as it should?